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Royal Prestige Travel.

At Prestige travels, your wishes, are our priority.
We provide high-end quality customizable travel services with a focus on MICE and Luxury travel.

Starting in 2004 as a B2C travel agency we pride ourselves in the experience we have working in the travel and hospitality industry.

Each request is designed around a client’s needs and preferences.
The result is a well-detailed itinerary based on personal interests and needs.

As an IATA certified company with Islamic heritage we take pride in offering experiences with value.

From 2022 onward we decided to use our knowledge and values to specialize in the world of Halal Travel. The options for Halal travel are endless and we would love to let you experience the beauty the world has to offer.

We offer specialty trips, non-alcoholic travel, Halal travel arrangements, with fish and vegetarian options. Browse through the travel options on our site and don’t hesitate to send us your questions and inquiries.


Discover new and exciting destinations
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