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If you are looking for a home away from home, we are here to help plan your perfect stay.
You can get both, an incredible and relaxing experience while you are on a holiday.
Take a closer look at the Halal Stays & accommodations we offer and help us pick the best for you.

Discover Halal accommodations all over the world.

Pick any of our beautiful Halal travel destinations for a wonderful experience, complemented with modern amenities for a comfortable stay for you and your loved ones.

Royal Prestige Travel provides an array of all-inclusive Luxury holidays in locations all around the globe.

Whether you are looking for a short getaway to Asia or a more distant destination like Europe or the Caribbean, we have the ideal Halal accommodations for you and your loved ones.

Plan you Halal Holiday in stunning Istanbul with Royal Prestige Travel.

Royal Prestige Travel strives to provide the best possible service to our customers. We are constantly expanding our services to better accommodate our customers’ needs. One of our services is the Halal Accommodation service. This service is designed to help Muslims find hotels and other accommodations that meet their religious needs.

With our experience in the travel industry, we understand that finding the perfect accommodations is a top priority for many of our clients.

We are proud to offer a variety of halal-friendly accommodations to make your travel planning easier. Whether you are looking for a hotel that serves halal food or a place to stay that is close to a mosque, we can help you find the perfect accommodations for your needs.

Royal Prestige Travel guarantees the best and most luxurious halal accommodations. Our company offers a wide selection of accommodations, so you can find the perfect one for you.

Find your unique Halal hotel room for an unforgettable Islamic holiday.

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Halal destinations.


Discover Morocco

Royal Prestige Travels offers a great selection of Morocco’s best Halal accommodations in popular cities like Rabat, Casablanca, Tangiers, Meknes, Fes and Marrakech. Always nearby cultural hotspots, UNESCO heritage sites, artistic carnivals, fantastic Andalusian gardens, delicious traditional Moroccan cookery, a wide variety of music and vibrant cities with colorful souks. We’ll make all arrangements according to your wishes for your private adventure adjusted to your budget.


Discover Türkiye

Türkiye, a country where two continents meet, is one of the favorite destinations among tourists from around the world. This is not difficult to understand, since it is one of those places with stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, its riverside country and its rich historic culture. It is also renowned for its unique and delicious cuisine. We will help you find your perfect Halal stay in famous cities as Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya. If you’re planning a trip to Türkiye, we will tell you where exactly to go and why.


Discover Maldives

One of our favorite luxury travel destinations. A vibrant culture, pristine beaches, sprawling greenery, and fascinating and enchanting landmarks. Eye-pleasing natural beauty of these Islands attract tourists from around the world. The beaches are amidst beautiful coral islands and give you swaying palm trees, and sparkling white sand under the limitless blue skies. It is the ultimate dream of luxury and tranquility.


Discover Portugal

Portugal, the birthplace to some of the world’s first explorers. Royal Prestige Travel will help you explore the country that is famous for its typical seafood dishes, popular beach destinations, the “Pastéis de Nata” and 16th to 19th-century architecture, from when this country was a powerful maritime empire. Did you know the Portuguese were the first to round the tip of Africa and reach India by sea? Travel to Portugal with us.


Discover Spain

The famous food, the markets, the architecture, siestas, soccer, flamenco and paella. As soon as you land in Spain, you can feel it: a change in culture and energy. It’s calm and vibrant, with sounds of busy streets bursting with scents of fresh spices, Spanish music and flowers filling the air. There is no country like Spain. Royal Prestige Travels invites you to discover Spain.


Discover Suriname

Suriname is a South American country that is a one-of-a-kind fusion of tropical rainforest, rushing rivers, Dutch colonial history, and ethnic cultures worldwide. Dense and untamed rainforests and bustling urban districts, which provide a broad array of shopping opportunities, fantastic restaurants, and unexpected nightlife. Prepare to be impressed by hot and exquisite flavors wherever you go.


Discover Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most unique holiday destinations we offer. Seamlessly blending different cultures into a rich melting pot of beautiful beaches, luxurious accommodations and exciting tourist attractions. Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, was discovered by the Arabs in the 1200s. Its known for its friendly locals, great food and stunning natural attractions. Can’t wait? Book now!


Discover Belgium

Despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe, Belgium has a lot to offer. Medieval castles, modern architecture, serene nature, national parks and a world-renowned fashion scene, great food and not one, not two, but three official languages! The capital of Belgium, Brussels, is often referred to as the capital of the EU. An impressive and diverse nation to explore with us.

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