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What to expect &
Our Halal travel Guidelines.

Dedicated to facilitating accommodations
with High-End Halal-friendly services and facilities.

Royal Prestige Travel is dedicated to offer your the best Halal holiday possible. With years of experience, we can help make your stay as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

As Muslims ourselves we know what it means knowing you can find good Halal food and having the privacy to practice your belief when needed.

Our Halal-friendly hotels are accommodations that provide optional products and services catering to the needs of their Muslim guests, such as Halal food, in-room Halal amenities, prayer rooms, and other facilities, such as Muslim privacy service, mindfulness regarding dress-codes, Halal (lawful) food and gambling.

By staying in a Halal-certified accommodation you can be sure that you and your loved ones are in great hands. The food you eat is free of any pork or other animal products which may not be compatible with our religious beliefs. We make sure the staff is aware of your preference and that you won’t be served alcohol.

Furthermore, by staying in a Halal-certified accommodation, you are supporting local businesses and contributing to the local economy.


Available Halal Options.

In addition to offering Halal service in food and beverages, the partners in our Halal network offer unique services to give you the best possible experience. Some available Halal options are Ramadan service during the holy month, rooms with Qibla directional carpets and/or prayer rugs, separate fitness areas for men and women, family-friendly entertainment venues, separate spas, pools, and beach areas for men and women, appropriate clothing for staff members, and television without any adult channels.

Taken at our top Halal destination at the Maldives.

Halal private beaches, pools and spas.
Women-only or for your family.

We offer exclusive resorts where the customer is king. With pools, spas and beaches, secluded and women-only or just your family. Find peace and relaxation in safe and serene atmosphere.

Enjoy Halal dining at one of our Halal accommodations.

The Finest Halal cuisine and dining experiences.

With our network of hotels around the world we make sure to offer certified Halal food in their restaurants. We make it easy to find the ideal one based on your needs with restaurant staff and chefs trained/accredited on Halal food.

Drink refreshing mocktails on the the famous Portuguese Algarve.

No-Alcohol environment.

Many partner hotels do not serve alcohol in selected restaurants, it is policy that if they do they remove alcohol from the guest’s room. Some partner hotels are completely alcohol-free offering delicious non-alcoholic mocktails.

Discover family-friendly destination Mauritius.

Family-oriented entertainment.

Our exclusive resorts will provide a safe and comfortable environment for families and children. We make sure you will experience a wonderful atmosphere for families with children to enjoy their holiday together in a relaxing environment.

Nothing is left to coincidence when you trust us with your journey.
Other Halal options our accommodations may include in their service:

Halal Restaurants nearby
Halal food served in the hotel
Vegetarian food served in the hotel
Muslim owned establishment
Family-friendly entertainment venues
No adult TV channels in the room
No nightclub in hotel
Not part of a gambling resort
Quran available in the Hotel
Prayer mat available in the Hotel
Qibla direction marked in the room
Mosque nearby
Prayer room in Hotel
Separate fitness areas

Allow us to Plan your Unforgettable Experience
with Royal Prestige Travel.

Our travel agents help you fit your stay and experience according to you Halal wishes and needs.

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