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RPT is a travel company and acts as your booking office in the case of flight tickets. RPT makes flight bookings on behalf of the traveler. RPT itself is expressly not a party to the final assignment agreement(s) between the airline and the customer. RPT does not act as a travel organizer/tour operator.

Reserved services are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant service provider. You can obtain these conditions directly from the service provider, in this case from the airline. The client accepts these General Terms and Conditions as part of the booking process, after the client has had the opportunity to read, print and/or save the terms and conditions.

The assignment agreement is concluded at the moment that the client has accepted and paid the general terms and conditions applicable to the assignment agreement as well as the applicable terms and conditions of the service provider and if the booking has been confirmed by RPT. By accepting the applicable terms and conditions, the client is bound by the assignment.

Making a booking

To make a booking you must be at least 18 years or older and also be otherwise legally competent to make a booking. If you are not 18 years or older or not legally competent, you are not authorized to make a booking and/or to agree to these terms and conditions. In that case, RPT has the right to regard the assignment agreement as not having been concluded and the cancellation costs will be charged as referred to of these general terms and conditions. The price and availability shown is based on the number of people you are searching for. If you make several consecutive bookings for several people, you run the risk that the price and availability may change. This is no reason to cancel a booking that has already been made.

If the client makes a booking for several persons, the client declares by giving the assignment that he is explicitly authorized to accept these general terms and conditions on his own behalf and on behalf of all members of the group. If the personal data you have provided changes in the meantime, you must inform RPT immediately. RPT reserves the right to charge costs in connection with the changes to be processed.

Issue airline tickets

As a merchant on behalf of airlines, RPT only issues electronic flight tickets. With an electronic flight ticket, you can check in online or at the appropriate counter of the airline just like a paper flight ticket. You will find the required booking code on the e-ticket which you will receive shortly after booking.

Confirmation of a Scheduled flight ticket

After receiving your booking order, the client will receive various e-mail messages within a few hours:

  1. An automatic confirmation of receipt of the booking order
  2. The e-ticket per traveler
    On the next working day you will receive from your travel agency;
  3. The booking confirmation (invoice).

Withdrawal/cooling-off period

There is no withdrawal period or cooling-off period. The booking is final from the moment the client sends and pays for a booking order. If the client does not pay and/or cancels the booking after booking and payment, the cancellation conditions as referred to in Article 8 of these general terms and conditions apply.

The price of a plane ticket

The price of an airline ticket shown is at all times a snapshot and is based on the price as it currently applies at the airline. The price is made up of several components, such as the ticket price, airport taxes, security and fuel surcharges, etc. Baggage is increasingly included in the additional costs.

Additional costs

RPT is entitled to charge additional costs related to the handling and processing of the booking. RPT also charges a booking fee, unless stated otherwise. Airlines may charge fees for checked baggage. The surcharges are per piece of luggage and vary by airline. Airlines may also charge surcharges for, for example, on-board refreshments and check-in at the airport instead of online check-in. The airline may also charge additional costs for preferred meals and preferred seats.

The traveler is responsible for requesting additional surcharges that the airline charges. Airports may charge an additional departure tax locally. This departure tax is separate from the flight ticket booked by the client and is charged locally by the airport. The amount of this departure tax can vary and differs per destination. Neither RPT nor the service provider is liable for (the payment of) such locally imposed departure taxes.

Optional costs

You can take out a flight ticket guarantee at RPT for a fee. With an airline ticket guarantee you are assured that the prepaid travel sum of your airline ticket will be refunded if an airline defaults only in the event of bankruptcy.
RPT observes the duty of care of a good contractor in the performance of its activities as a trader/intermediary.
RPT accepts no liability for acts and/or omissions of the service provider(s) involved, nor for the correctness of the information provided by these service provider(s).

RPT also accepts no liability if the assignment cannot be carried out due to force majeure. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to, a shortcoming in the fulfillment of any obligation as a result of unforeseen circumstances that cannot be prevented despite all reasonable precautions to be taken. More specifically, force majeure includes delays caused by technical defects in the means of transport, weather conditions, heavy traffic, strikes, acts of war, riots, threats of terrorism, blockades, missing connections, overbooking, financial insolvency of the relevant service provider(s). , changes to the trip made by the service provider or cancellation by the service provider. RPT bears no responsibility for photos, brochures, advertisements, websites and other information carriers insofar as they are the responsibility of, but not limited to, service provider(s).
RPT is not liable for any commitments made by its staff and/or third parties (including the relevant service provider(s)), which clearly deviate from the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions or the applicable terms and conditions of the relevant service provider(s). stated conditions, unless such commitments are confirmed in writing, either by regular mail or by e-mail address.
RPT is not liable for compensation for indirect damage, including but not limited to consequential damage due to the non- or late receipt of information about any changes to your flight times, flight number and/or flight route, lost profit, lost savings and damage due to business interruption, then for the damage that the client or the traveler suffers. RPT has no control over the airline’s seat allocation. If the traveler wishes a specific place, RPT advises the traveler to check in as early as possible with the relevant airline. RPT cannot guarantee that the wishes of the traveler will be met. A second option is that the traveler buys his preferred seat to guarantee a specific seat.
Flight schedules are regularly subject to change. As soon as the airline announces a change, we will share it with you. Changes are not always communicated (in time) to RPT. The client is responsible for checking the final flight schedule (route and times) no later than one day before departure for each route.
If we are unable to reach the customer (in time) in the event of a change, we reserve the right to accept the change in the name of the customer, in all reasonableness within the possibilities accepted at that time.
After booking, an airline ticket is in principle definitively booked and can no longer be changed (change of name, time, date and/or destination) or cancelled. Should the traveler nevertheless cancel, the cancellation costs will in principle amount to 100% of the price of the ticket. However, there are exceptions where changes or cancellations are possible. If you want to change or cancel, you can request information from RPT about the possibilities and conditions.
If it is possible to change or cancel your flight ticket, please bear in mind that this will involve costs. These include the cancellation and/or change fees charged by the airline and an administrative fee. The costs of the change and/or cancellation depend on the conditions of the chosen airline and the conditions applicable to the selected flight ticket. RPT points out that the costs of the change and/or cancellation can amount to 100% of the price of the flight ticket

In some cases, these charges may be even higher if the fare class in effect at the time of your selection is no longer available. In that case, the administration costs charged by RPT to carry out the cancellation and/or change will also be for your account. You should take into account that for handling a cancellation and/or change by RPT per flight ticket, a cancellation or change fee of 100 Dirham will be charged if the ticket is cancelable or changeable.
If the client has taken out cancellation insurance for 1 or more travelers and the reason for cancellation falls under the conditions of the cancellation insurance, the client will still pay RPT the administration costs charged.
If the flight ticket can be canceled, a refund request must in principle be submitted within one year after the original date of departure, unless the airline determines otherwise. Any amount to be refunded will be refunded in cash, but only after the refund amount has been received by RPT from the airline. This takes an average of 2 to 3 weeks, but in some cases it takes considerably longer and can take 6 to 12 months.
You are responsible for the correct transmission of (personal) data that are necessary to make and execute a correct booking. If the personal data is changed in the meantime, the traveler will immediately inform RPT. RPT reserves the right to charge costs for changing personal data.
RPT emphasizes to the client that the first name and surname of the traveler as stated in the passport must be passed on as passenger data in the booking process. If you are married as a woman, enter your maiden name as entered in your passport into the booking system and not your spouse’s surname.

You are responsible for ensuring that you are in possession of the correct and valid travel documents when you travel. For completeness; travel documents are understood to mean all documents that are or may be required to enter a country at the time of your trip. In any case (but not limited to) travel documents include: passport, visa, vaccination certificates, birth certificates, excerpts from the population register and consent form(s).
It is therefore very important to check the necessary travel documents several times before your departure for validity and completeness on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the website of the Visa Service (where you can find the necessary and up-to-date information for each destination). Local regulations in this area change regularly. If your travel documents are incomplete or invalid, you may be denied access to your flight.

RPT does not accept any liability if the traveler does not have valid travel documents

You should bear in mind that many countries require that your passport is valid for six months after your period of stay. You should also take into account that applying for a valid visa can take some time. RPT therefore advises you to apply for a visa as soon as possible after you have booked your flight ticket. RPT accepts no liability if the traveler does not have valid travel documents.

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